Sunday, 11 December 2016


That economy alone would legitimize the Woodsman as an ordinary bicycle, as it's equivalent to or superior to that of generally bikes. The Enfield is additionally a simple bicycle to benefit at home and the organization is cheerful to bolster you in that – for sure, such is the bicycle's effortlessness that it urges you to tinker with it. What's more, you're not going to shred raise tires each week, either.

For whatever length of time that you're not expecting the deftness of a present day machine, riding it is an authentic joy. The top speed is around 85mph, a pace it will keep up throughout the day on account of the current motor internals, despite the fact that in truth it's more suited to slower, twistier streets than motorways. At a somewhat more steady pace the Woodsman chugs along on its sufficient torque, making satisfying commotions and shivers.

The frame doesn't react to endeavors at sudden bearing changes, however it swings through turns precisely enough and the suspension adapts quite well more often than not. There's not a lot of spring travel, so greater knocks can have the bicycle kicking around, yet it's a ton superior to more established Enfields.

Indeed, even the brakes aren't awful, the front circle giving worthy execution and the back drum being more successful than some back plates. The riding position is useful for general utilize and around town, being upright with high, wide handlebars – twist impact at rapid will never be an issue.

As standard, there's no traveler office albeit raise stools and an additional seating cushion are accessible for incidental two-up utilize.

The styling itself is extremely deliberate and all around adjusted, and regardless of the suspension being as new as the motor it particularly resembles a unique Fifties single. You even get an aluminum bash plate should you choose to wander rough terrain (the bicycle adapts to gentler trails great). Remember, in any case, that it's something of a myth that old British bicycles were lightweight contrasted and powerful present day machines: at 412lb (187kg) the Woodsman weighs as much as an ordinary 110bhp, Supersport middleweight.

What it has that one of those doesn't is appeal and character. While it will cheerfully disregard your drive, the Woodsman is a charming machine that on sunny nighttimes is probably going to entice you to take the long way home, only for the joy of it.

Royal Enfield Woodsman
Price/on sale: From £4,995/now
Power/torque: 27.5bhp @ 5,250rpm/30.4lb ft @ 4,000rpm
Top speed: 85mph
Fuel tank/range: 3.2 gallons/ 250 miles