Sunday, 11 December 2016

Royal Enfield Mofa 22cc

The wisdom that Royal Enfield makes simply enormous bikes is frightfully isolated from reality. While the association has focussed on typical transport bikes with more-than-ordinary migrations, it has not shied a long way from making low-powered, little evaluated machines. At whatever point there has been an enthusiasm for such bikes, Royal Enfield has responded positively.For World War II paratroopers, Royal Enfield made the WD/RE, a 125cc bike that was adequately little to be dropped by a parachute. In the late-1980s, Enfield India made the 22cc, two-stroke, single chamber Mofa from its Anaikaraipatti plant for a cost-conscious market. As the engine conveyed just 0.8 bhp and made a sound just to some degree more distinguishable than a mutter, the machine hardly gave the sentiment passing by a bike. Another component that made the Mofa have every one of the reserves of being continuously a cycle was the nonappearance of any suspension. 

It was a bike that could race just with cycles of the standard. In any case, the Mofa made up for these deficiencies with its fuel-adequacy. The fuel tank, reinforced through an opening on the edge, couldn't take more than one-and-a-half liters without a moment's delay. As this moped easily made sense of how to give 90 km to a liter, this sum was more than satisfactory. Because of a fuel crunch, the bike could be changed into a cycle by the draw of a lever."Besides the way that a relative had obtained the Mofa, the moped's fuel-adequacy addressed my father Dr. A.S. Ramasammy. In the late 1980s when he acquired this moped, it sold for Rs. 2,950," says 31-year-old R. Ramaprasad, who is as associated with the Mofa as his father."As a Mofa did not require to be approved by a road transport officer, some favored it to different bicycles that did."Despite these inclinations, the Mofa passed up a great opportunity to low-controlled autocycles that joined fuel-capability with a sensibly higher power output.But today, there is a plenteous excitement for this bike among gatherers since it is so not typical for anything found in the bicycle showcase.

Engine 22 cc, 2 stroke single cyl, air cooled
Power 0.8 bhp
Weight Unladen 30 Kg 
Wheel Size
 2.00" X 17 " both front and rear
Seating Capacity One 
Fuel Tank 1.45 litres 
Payload 80 Kg
Fuel Consumption 90 kmpl 
Maximum Speed 30 kmph