Sunday, 11 December 2016

Royal Enfield Fantabulus

According to records, George Neal in Royal Enfield arranged a bicycle with an indistinct styling from the Vespa or Lambretta in the mid 1940's, however the modern office did not look for after the wander. It would have been a vital disturbed for Royal Enfield given the bicycle anger of the 50's. Snappy forward 20 years. Enfield India introduced a bicycle in 1962 with the primary name of "Fantabulus". It had a Villiers two stroke 7.4hp engine and as far as anyone knows could accomplish 60mph. It was a business tumble, in any case. Fantabulus was plainly the correct spelling of the name, disregarding the way that it was affirmed that it was short for mind boggling execution, incredible cost. Inquisitively, the Fantabulus was plainly highlighted in Royal Enfield's stay in the 1968 Earls Court Motorcycle show up in London. Unrealistically, it was one of the fundamental two Enfield machines on display, the other being the mind boggling 736 cc Interceptor, which was starting to be released to the UK showcase (before that, it was only for admission). By then the body of the fantabulus was made in Madras by Enfield India and a UK created Villiers Mark 11E single barrel two-stroke engine was fitted in the UK. It had electric start! It was to be sold for £175 differentiated and the £382-13s-1d for the Interceptor. It is dim if the bicycle ever sold in the UK, it appears to have been all the more an assurance than a reality in that market. 

It is fascinating to see that in its last throes as a UK association, Royal Enfield reached Enfield India for offer help. I inquire as to why they didn't look for after this further at the time? It took 7 years after the finish of Royal Enfield for the Madras Bullet 350 cc (as they called it around then) to appear in Earls Court in 1977 and Enfields to enter the UK publicize yet again. (George Neal refered to in "Royal Enfield, the verifiable background of the association"